Preventing Dementia

PREVENTING DEMENTIA: Dr. Dan Sem with Concordia University is one of three local professors researching a pill to treat menopause and prevent dementia. Find out more about this exciting research here

Concordia student advances in state business plan contest

Callie Troutfetter, a Master of Product Development major at CUW, submitted a proposal for her work with Estrigenix, a spinout company cofounded by researchers from Concordia, Marquette University, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that focuses on the development of a drug to treat dementia…

Aging + Memory

Shane talks about hormone loss, memory decline, and Alzheimer’s with Neuroscience Professor at The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Ph.D. Karyn Frick.

Concordia researchers exploring new health care treatments

A number of ongoing research projects from professors at Concordia University Wisconsin are exploring new health care treatments and delivery models. Daniel Sem is a professor of business and pharmaceutical sciences at the Mequon university, and the dean of the Batterman School of Business. He and fellow researchers have developed a modified molecule of estrogen, which shows promise in treating dementia in women.

A Quest To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease Amid Bleak Prediction

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it expects the number of Alzheimer’s cases in America to nearly triple by 2060. We discuss the agency’s reasoning for the prediction. We also talk with a Milwaukee psychologist about her search to find a preventive treatment for the disease.

Concordia-led estrogen research effort holds promise for treating dementia in women

Women are three times more likely than men to develop memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease as they age, and those memory deficits are linked to a decline in estrogens, hormones whose levels plunge during menopause. The advantage of the new estrogen molecule is it doesn’t carry the increased risk of breast and other cancers as traditional hormone replacement therapy does.

Milwaukee researchers work toward cure for Alzheimer’s

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee researchers are studying a disease affecting millions.  Their long-term goal is to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Psychology Professor Dr. Karyn Frick is leading a group of about ten.