What We Do

Estrigenix Therapeutics, Inc. was formed in 2018 to develop and commercialize first-in-class therapeutics to treat and prevent hot flashes and dementia in post-menopausal women.

Our Mission

Estrigenix is a privately held pharmaceutical company leading the way in research and progress in estrogen biology. We are working on a family of compounds to specifically help women by addressing the symptoms of menopause, moderating hot flashes and improving memory without the risks of breast cancer and stroke associated with traditional hormone replacement therapy. Because there is a correlation between the severity of a hot flashes in women in their 50s with an increased risk of developing dementia in their 60s and beyond, safe treatment for hot flashes may prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease from developing. Our mission is to develop drugs, based on our platform technology and expertise in estrogen biology, that can help women live healthier and longer lives.

Our Vision

We aim to dramatically improve women’s health by developing safe, clinically proven treatments for the physical and mental effects of menopause.

“Estrogens, it turns out, are very, very important to not only the health of reproductive parts of the brain but also to cognitive parts of the brain. Those neurons simply don’t function as well in women without relatively high levels of estrogens.”
— Dr. Karyn Frick, Chief Scientific Officer

Market Description, Research & Size

As women transition through menopause, 75% will experience hot flashes, according to research conducted at Johns Hopkins University (1). In the United States alone, this is a population of roughly 32 million women (2). The global menopausal hot flashes market is expected to reach $11.4 billion in 2027; however, Estrigenix hopes to license its lead molecules to interested pharmaceutical companies for further development after phase 2 clinical trials. Recent acquisitions for treatments of hot flashes include a $500 million upfront payment by Astellas for 100% equity of Ogeda in 2017 and a $425 million upfront payment by Bayer for a drug developed by KaNDy (3,4).

Our Objectives

  • Demonstrate safety, metabolic stability and brain distribution of product
  • Perform phases 1 and 2 clinical trials
  • Prove lead compound efficacy in the treatment of menopausal symptoms
  • License lead compound to a strategic partner for further development and testing
  • Expand pipeline of estrogen-like therapeutics for additional indications

Our Team

Our team includes world renowned experts in estrogen biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, and an advisory board with extensive pharmaceutical industry experience, especially in the advancement of drugs through human clinical trials.

William Donaldson, PhD


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Karyn Frick, PhD


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Daniel Sem, PhD, MBA, JD


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Patricia Scheller

Executive Chair

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Piero Antuono, MD


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Pauline Maki, PhD


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Michael Wood, PhD


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Alan Parr, PharmD, PhD

Formulations Consultant

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